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  About Us

      The Institute of Economics at National Sun Yat-sen University is one of the leading economics programs in Taiwan. It offers a broad coverage of the major fields in modern economics at the Master’s level. It currently has eight faculty members and approximately 63 graduate students. The department has existed since 1995, and has awarded more than 460 M.A. degrees. The Institute of Economics maintains a close relationship with the Department of Political Economy. Several of its faculty are actively involved in teaching and advising our graduate students. During the course of the academic year, the institute sponsors numerous seminars by economists from other universities, as well as by professionals from banking, insurance, or financial industries.

The institute is housed in the Social Science Building, one of the most convenient locations on campus. It has its own research and learning facilities, including a computer lab, several study rooms, as well as faculty and graduate assistants' offices.

National Sun Yat-sen University